Sunday, 12 October 2008


I had a lovely time today at the Knitting and Stitching Show, as usual I spent too much money and bought a few things that I really didn't need. There were lots of knitting wools a weakness of mine, I bought 2 lots of sock wool to knit my D and sons GF a pair each for Christmas, as D was with me she picked the colours. I also got the threads I'll use on my C&G project pictured in the last post, I'm hoping I've got enough. Oh, yes, I also took out a subscription to Selvedge, I've been thinking about doing that for quite a while, I usually ask for that sort of thing for Christmas but it never happens, so I treated myself!
I  went to Maggie Grey's stand, I introduced myself and said I'd bought her book and read her blog, my D was standing close by and said I sounded like a stalker, I'm not! I  just really like her work.
The K&S has become a bit of a tradition for my D and me, it started when she was away at uni and we would meet the for a bit of female bonding, since she's been living at home its carried on. Next month she's moving away again and will be living in North London she hopes!  it'll be like old times, next year we'll meet at Ally Pally.
Tomorrow we are putting up The material Girls exhibition and the private view is on Tuesday. When this week is over I can start thinking about the exhibition next September,  ERTF's first. I'll keep  you posted.

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