Sunday, 16 May 2010

Get Away

We managed to get away for 4 days last week, it was a last minute booking which worked out really well. What with Iceland sending a volcanic cloud and Mum deteriorating quite fast we cancelled our already booked and looked forward to holiday in the sun,(booked before we new Mum was so ill, when we thought it was depression).I felt that if we did go away I needed to be able to get home within a few hours! So we booked 4 days in a cottage in South Wales, it was in a place called Crugybar, a barn conversion, and it was beautiful! We spent the time relaxing, doing a bit of site seeing and sampling the food and the beer! My favorite meal was laverbread, fried cockles and bacon, not sure it's a dish I'll try to cook at home, but something I'd eat again. Dave did a lot of reading and I did quite a bit of stitching on my Material Girls Project. I did buy some wool, not for socks but for a cardigan for myself, I did get some knitting done while we were driving around, not as much as I thought I would though! Although the weather wasn't up to Canaries temperatures it was fine and we even sat outside on one day for lunch, with our coats on of course.

The Threshing Barn

We found a Threshing Barn that hadn't been converted.

The Cardiganshire Coast.

Mum is really not very good, her appetite has gone and she spends a lot of time asleep. Her wedding ring has had to come off, she has never taken it off in 57 years since my Dad put it there. It's something that she has always felt strongly about, it remained there even when she was pregnant with me and her fingers became so swollen the midwife wanted her to have the ring cut off, she refused. Mum has always been horrified that I take my ring off and sometimes leave it off for long periods of time! I said that maybe she could wear it on her other hand but she wont consider that, I think she feels that the bond has been broken, and she wont talk about it. Her good spirit is still there, and she says "You've got to keep laughing about things or else you'd cry".

While we were away Rachel house and cat sat, to cut out one of the jobs for her we decided to plant out some of our vegetables in the garden. Little did we know that there would be a frost here in the mornings so today we made a trip to the garden center to replace all of our dead veggie plants! When we told Rachel what had happened she said we should have left them in the cold frame and she would have watered them for us! Oh well, these things happen.


  1. Glad you managed a few days away - it looks lovely - but sorry to hear that Mum is not so good. I managed to leave plants out in the frost and I was here all week!!!

  2. I am so pleased you enjoyed your time in Wales ,sorry your Mum is poorly ,and that the frost caught you out as it did so many people this time ,woder what you are knitting Jan xx

  3. What a lovely place to visit, Miriam. You may have got more warmth and sunshine in the Canary Islands but I guarantee you would never have got that view, the scenery looks amazing.

  4. I hope your mum is feeling better. The place you went to in Wales looks amazing. I spent many a childhood holiday there as my sister used to live there for a while.

    It's so true you have to find time to laugh otherwise at times it's only tears!!

    Keep strong.