Tuesday, 12 July 2011


A visitor to the veggie patch, he or she (anyone know how you tell?) seems to like the onion patch, I prefer the grasshopper to the slugs and snails that seem to like the whole garden........

We enjoyed a good crop of blueberries at the weekend this was the second large bowl I've collected, Dave made a cage to protect them from the wood pigeons they seemed to take a fancy to them.

This was the crop for Saturday, lettuce to go with lunch, peas, beans our own potatoes and roasted beetroot with stuffed marrow. The marrows are prolific so I need to find another recipe for marrow any ideas?
Today some of The Material Girls met at my house, I feel inspired to get on with the next project sorry, I cant show you much, but here's a taster of my initial ideas, needs refining and tweaking, but its getting there!

And the disasters on the home front well, the ceiling has dried out and it looks as though it will need re-plastering. No flying ants have appeared but if they do I'll be waiting with the ant powder, horrid things.
I've a trip to London planned later in the week with Rachel it's my belated Mother's Day present (belated because I had a bad back), but I'll post about it later in the week.

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  1. Lovely cake today, thank you. I have been researching the price of embellishers this afternoon. Probably going to treat myself with my last months wage. See you tomorrow.