Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hello Anyone Out There?????

I know, I know it's been an age since I posted on here, it's been a while since I felt like I had anything that I wanted to write about.

I've not been idle, lots of hand stitching getting texture into a piece of fabric, I can't show you, it needs to be kept under wraps until the exhibition.

Last weekend we went  with my brother Ray and sister in law Michelle to France, we stayed in Lille we were there to visit the memorial of my Nans older brother Arthur Edward Burton,  he was killed at Armentières, Flanders, 11th November 1915 at the age of 24, he was serving with the 1st Battalion of the North Staffordshire Regiment. Ray and I remember my Nan telling us stories of her older brother,  once we  found that his name was on the memorial at Ploegsteert, we decided to visit . His daughter was born after his death and was named  Eva Armentières.

Ploegsteert Memorial

 Michelle has a Great Grandfather and a Great Uncle that were killed in the Somme, they are both named on the same memorial, we paid a visit to their memorial too.

Thiepval Memorial

Thiepval Memorial
It wasn't all memorial visiting there was plenty of time for French food and wine!!!!!

This week I gave one of the quilts I made a while ago, to this little person, meet George my cousins grandson. George weighed in at 8lb 8oz, he really is lovely, I've already had a cuddle but I'm visiting again tomorrow for another cuddle. They stupidly said "You will come again wont you", I will be visiting often, you can't get or give enough cuddles can you?

George 2 days old

The other Quilt is still waiting for the arrival of it's new owner, she's 5 days late, I've heard that Mum has eaten lots of curries and is taking long walks. George's Mum tried that too, but he still kept her waiting for quite a few days!!!

Yesterday  was a day for getting bits and pieces ready for  Betsy, we've already got her crate and a travel crate. On Monday I went to see her again, I only meant to pop in but when I left I realised I'd stayed for an hour and a half, oops!!  I'm going to have to watch it when she moves in with us, she's going to be a real distraction.


  1. Lovely baby, but where are the pictures of the puppy? I have a puppy pack from the vets for you. Our puppy was too big to use the stuff.

  2. What a moving trip to France. Contrast what all those men did for us, with the people involved in the riots..........
    How lovely to see the new baby, Super quilt. Look forward to seeing puppy pics -how exciting!

  3. that's going to be one spoilt little puppy! but you do realise that those lovely toys will be munched into oblivion in about 30 seconds flat! still that's what they are for -welcome to my world.

  4. I'm here Miriam! I can sense the excitment of this puppy's arrival!

  5. I'm here also Miriam, as you well know!
    It must be like Christmas, buying all those little treats and essentials for Betsy. Have you thought about having a Puppy Shower? I can muster up the odd chew or two!
    George is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations for both mum and nan.