Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year - Here comes 2012

Christmas has come and gone in a flash, as things worked out it was for the best that Dave's Dad stayed at home, on Boxing day I didn't feel all that great and the day after I had an upset stomach which lasted a few days. Thankfully I'm fully recovered just in time, today is my Birthday! Yesterday it was Rachel's Birthday and she celebrated in style in Sydney, she's had an eventful time since she arrived to stay with Mark, involving a lost wallet and a car break down, but thankfully everything turned out well due to the kindness of a farmer who towed them and a lovely family that loaned them a car until they could hire a car. We've spoken a couple of times since she's been in Australia and yesterday she called so we could wish her Happy Birthday. It was Becky's Birthday too, we were due to go out for dinner with her and James but because I was ill we had to cancel! So that's our Birthday Month Over!

Again this year I'm not going to make any resolutions as they only get broken. Things have changed this year we have our new addition BETSY, she has only been with us for 3 months and our lives have been turned upside down, I'm not complaining I wouldn't have it any other way. In May I had to give up going to the Gym after my back problems, but I think Betsy is now giving me all the exercise I need, lots of walking!

2012 is promising to be an exciting year with the Material  Girls-Bridging Waters exhibition taking place. I have also been offered a place in an exhibition which will be at a venue in London in 2013, I will have to start work on my pieces during this year, I'm very excited and a bit scared about this project. BUT I'm always up for a challenge and this will stretch me, it is just what I need. I will post more about it during the coming months.

I'd like to wish everyone who ventures here a Happy Healthy and Creative New Year!

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