Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Birthday Girl

This week Betsy and I have been home alone, Dave flew off to Johannesburg on Sunday not for a holiday, he's home again tomorrow, a long way to travel for three days work! Where next? Today is Betsy's First Birthday!

This is when we first saw Betsy

Tiny little thing!

First day with us see the ears!

First cut and one ear wants to stand up!

Birthday Girl this morning and see the ears? They don't miss a sound!!

Last week I decided to start taking her to Obedience classes again and we are still in the beginners group, not sure we'll ever progress onto the 'grown up' group, it's not that she isn't obedient I just want her to socialise with other dogs.

I am doing textile things but not a lot I can show you, it's in the preperation stage, dyeing and over dyeing, now I need to print and then I can get on with the stitching. But just to prove that work is going on a photograph!

A bit of tie dyeing
I've added more images to the Quilt page its a quilt I made for Rachel when she went off to Uni it's one of my favourites.

Oh well better get on, need to get the ironing done and then it's off to class with Betsy! Who knows this afternoon I may get to sit and have a read in the sun, Not 'Mr Grey' finished that book last week, not sure about that book...... can't decide if I want to read the other books in the series, have you read it?


  1. happy Birthday Betsy- such a big girl now. So she's taking you to obedience classes again , now remember Betsy's in charge and be a good girl!

  2. Oh she is just so cute!
    Happy birthday Betsy!

  3. Happy birthday Betsy! Where did that year go?

    No I haven't read 'Mr Grey' - I have to admit it doesn't really appeal to me, but I know that I am very much in the minority (there's a change!)