Friday, 22 March 2013

Betsy and Dizzie on Youtube

Betsy had fun this morning with her friends Dizzie and Monty. Dizzie decided he didn't like her wearing a coat so he took it off her.  click here  to see the fun! I'm sorry I didn't get to film the whole game, but glad she wasn't wearing her posh coat from Jackie  see here.

I'm trying out Graze boxes you can too! If you want to try you can get a free box by clicking here if you do hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh how sweet they are all together. She looks like she's having loads of fun even if she is a bit cold!

  2. I'm sorry if I spoilt your to-do list. Good luck with the exhibition.

  3. There is nothing like a real run about to get your dog to feel contented and tired. Hope this means that you are managing to get some stitching done, although I expect your hand is stopping you now. We must catch up soon, perhaps a visit to the wool shop, I mentioned a while ago.