Thursday, 13 June 2013

What's happened to the weather?

 Apparently the summer appeared and went while I was on holiday! This week has been busy for all sorts of reasons, Monday the electricity was cut off to the house for almost the whole day. No lap top or TV or machine stitching for hours, that meant a lovely long walk with Betsy and then sitting and reading for a few hours, a little hand stitching and I finished off a knitted cushion cover that I started ages ago (image next time).

Tuesday was a Material Girls meeting and Wednesday was C&G's, I took the project I've been working on, Janice says is OK but I still need to do the binding and finish off then I'll show you. The whole class made a book, I need to add a few pages to it then I'll show that too!  Last night it was off to Spitalfields, London to meet up with Marion, Helen, Janette and Becky from the Seeking Artemis exhibition for a meal and a catch up, it was a really nice evening, good food and good company. 

I had a late start this morning and NO it was nothing to do with last night, Betsy and I went for a walk in our usual place but normally we don't walk by the ponds. Today I decided to take some bread and feed the ducks, I'm glad Betsy was on the lead I think she may have tried to join in with the ducks. It's ended up being a nice quiet peaceful day! 


  1. Yes summer did appear while you were away but alas since then it has got lost!
    I look forward to seeing your latest creations!

  2. We are still having a bit of a summer - not a blazing one but a humid and overcast one, still, it is warm and I am only wearing one light fleece rather than the usual several layers!