Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wall Hanging

Last weekend I popped the Mandala in the post box and its been put on the Pinterest page you should be able to view it here. I'm really looking forward to seeing it when I visit Yarndale in September. It will be interesting to see how they are all displayed together.
I also handed my wall hanging and sketchbook in yesterday, a big relief when a project is completed. So here is the finished hanging and one of the paintings that inspired it. For some reason the yellow is much brighter in the photo than it actually is, I hope you get the idea and it reminds you of the Mediterranean!

Now it's onto the next one, a vessel my ideas have been approved, now it's time to start making samples. I'm planning on dipping into felting, hope I don't regret it!


  1. The hanging looks wonderful Miriam!

  2. A wonderful piece of work, you must be very pleased with the finished hanging. If you are going to have a felt play day, can I join you?

  3. That looks fantastic Miriam!