Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Putting on The Ritz!

Hello there, this is a very busy time for everyone. To be honest December is a bit of a nightmare for this family with all four of us having Birthdays in the same month, even though there aren't the children's parties to arrange anymore it seems harder.  It's difficult to get to see the two children (not really children any longer 33 and 29 this year) on their birthdays as they are out with friends and so we grab any opportunity we can and either see them before or after their day.  This year on Dave's birthday the four of us went for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, nice it was too, very festive with the lavish decorations and the Carolers! With time to kill before our reservation at the Ritz we took a look in Fortnum and Mason, Rachel and James couldn't believe that I'd never been in there before. A few purchases were made so Christmas morning we'll be drinking posh (or expensive)  tea and coffee with our breakfast!

Fortnum and Mason

Cake and Sandwiches

Today I went along with the Material Girls to NT Rainham Hall for an update meeting with the Team at the Hall, take a look at the MG Blog for updates.


  1. Oh I do wish I'd known you'd be popping into Fortnum & Mason. I bought Michael a lovely china yacht bottle stopper when I was last in there and the silly man wedged it in the kitchen drawer and took the top of its mast off!
    Really glad you had fun and a lovely way to celebrate your birthdays together!

  2. I've never been to F&M either. Perhaps an outing in the summer?