Friday, 19 December 2008


I had an appointment today with the surgeon, I need to have an MRI scan as they think that a gall stone has moved into my bile duct. This needs to be sorted out before the gall stone/bladder can be removed, lucky me! Everything is happening so fast, I thought that I'd get an appointment after Christmas but no I'm going on Monday for the MRI, thats really quick, I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow we start doing our pre-christmas family visits giving out presents, they still need to be wrapped!  I should be doing that now but I'm not, husband is out for his christmas works do and I did say that they would be done this evening but to be honest I'm not in the mood.

This year we broke with tradition and put the tree in the dinning room instead of the living room, I'm not sure its right, but its to late to move it. Son called in tonight and said "Mmm thats different" not sure he liked it either, cant wait to hear what daughter thinks when she sees it. Strange how we like things to stay the same!

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