Thursday, 17 September 2009


I've been having a really busy but good time at the moment, I seem to be spending most of my time dashing up and down to Cambridge. My other half and I were there for the weekend, we stayed in a lovely hotel and enjoyed a great lunch on Sunday at Jesus College with some of the members of ERTF. Michael Brennand-Wood gave a talk after lunch, which everyone enjoyed even by those who are not really textile enthusiasts. After lunch we walked around the gardens and admired the sculptures by Anthony Gormley that are being exhibited around the gardens or perched on the top of buildings. Below photo of lunch.

Pictures of our walk around Jesus College Cambridge, it is such a lovely building full of doors and interesting areas, I took lots of photographs!

On Wednesday I was back again in Cambridge stewarding at the Shop. We had lots of visitors so the time flew past, I had taken some knitting to pass the time, but I didn't need it! I me some very interesting people, also a few people expressed interest in joining ERTF.
While all this has been going on I've also been getting some work done. But I'll post about that at another time.
My son is in a band Gyratory System, next week they have an album release!

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  1. Didn't we have a wonderful time on Sunday. Good that the exhibition was busy on Wednesday too! What exciting news about your son.