Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I've Posted the cards!!!!!!!!

Well two birthdays down, my OH Dave's was last week, so I cooked a family dinner as it was mid week. Saturday 14 of us went out for a Chinese Meal to celebrate my nephews 21st birthday. It was a shame that James and Becky couldn't be there but as I've said in a previous post, James was playing with Gyratory System at the Brixton Academy!!!! James is playing the Bass Guitar!

Christmas is creeping up fast only one gift left to buy, all the cards posted, a Christmas cake to ice, but the tree is still in the loft waiting, so there is only a sad little snowman sitting lonely on the window ledge, waiting for the rest of the room to be decorated!!!!
As promised in the last post here is a photo of the quilt! Still unfinished but I'm stitching on....In the meantime lots of other things have been happening ERTF have been invited to take a stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace in October 2010, we have also been invited to take part at Textiles in Focus February 2010, so I think that ERTF are in for a busy time in 2010!
Winter has arrived, I had to scrape the thick ice off the car windows this morning before I went to the gym! Then at lunch time it snowed, it hasn't settled but we are forecast more! Just in case it doesn't snow I copied the snow fall onto my blog from Sharne's thanks Sharne.


  1. Congratulations!!Look forward to seeing your stand at Textiles in Focus and K & S.

  2. I did start writing my cards this morning... but the rest of my to do list is looking horrendous!

  3. Great news for ERTF! It should help with membership.