Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Counting Down To Christmas

Some Holly to get the Christmas Spirit started!

This is Birthday Season in our house, in our immediate family there are 5 birthdays this month, that's without my nephew who will be 21 this month and about 8 members of my extended family that's Aunt's Cousin's and their children have birthdays too! Expensive!!!!!!!! There are only 2 Christmas gifts left to get, but I've still got all the cards to send, every year I talk about giving money to Charity and not sending cards but don't have the courage. Would everyone realise that was what I was doing? Or would they think I'd taken a dislike to them, that I was dead or that I'd become very mean spirited! Instead I buy charity cards and hope that they get a fair share of the profits!

I've not posted for a while, Dave returned from Madrid with a gift, a cold which he kindly passed onto me! I think by the time I caught it, it had mutated into a mild case of the flu, so I was out of action for a week or so. This week I'm so much better, and lots to catch up on. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join a quilting group, the group is fairly small and is going to concentrate mainly on Art Quilts. I'm really enjoying the work, it' still needs a lot of work as you can see, I'll keep you updated.

I've also finished my first piece of work for the Aqua Group, I'm not going to show that yet as we are hoping to have an exhibition, more news on that when it's arranged. I'm still hand stitching the quilt for our bed, I think that will be ready for the new year. I'll post an image when I next post.


  1. I'm the same as you about cards and then I think how can I tell everyone that's what I'm doing and I chicken out and end up sending just as many as ever!

  2. Well you know how my Dad thinks Miriam, if he didn't receive a card from you he'd assume your 2nd option and EVEN worse he'd be on the phone telling everybody else!

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  4. I am exactly the same with Christamas cards! Love the blog, it really does put you in the mood for Christmas. Lovely to see you at Chelmsford EG last night.