Monday, 25 January 2010


Why does everything always seem to come at once. Tomorrow we are off to see the consultant to get the results of my Mums scan, when we saw the GP he didn't sound to positive, I just really want to know what is making her this weak, sick and sleepy.
We took Belle the constipated cat, to the vets on Thursday,for a sort out! The vet advised us to have an operation, the result will be that her colon is removed, we don't have insurance any longer as she suffers with an ongoing condition, they never paid out! I can't bring myself to put down here how much it's going to cost, but I hope it will work! no arrangements yet. I need to find out whats going on with my Mum first, it may sound daft, but I can only cope with one thing at a time and Belle is not suffering at the moment. The vet says that some cats have to have an enema every month, this doesn't always work for Belle, she has to stay in over night and have anesthetic which really isn't good as frequent as she is starting to need it, so no option!
On Saturday I went to a work shop at Romford Embroiderers Guild, next year there is going to be an exhibition. It was to get us started on a joint project of "white work" not my favourite but I want to support them so I'm going to give it a go. It was a good day, nice to spend some time with friends. Yesterday Dave and I went out for lunch to a pub that we've been to lots of times before, The Hoop, I couldn't resist the fruit crumble and custard!
I got to the gym today, I really would have preferred to stay in bed but didn't, it was my turn to drive. Actually thinking about it after lunch yesterday it's a good job I did get up!!!!!
I have done a bit more to my quilt for Wednesday's group, its hard to keep up with these things, but I really don't want to let things slip. I'm putting images in a slide show with some of my other work, I'll add to it as I go along!


  1. try not to worry too much- I know, easier said than done- and if you need any help with anything just let me know.

  2. You certainly have alot to content with at the moment. I know what you mean by only being able to deal with one thing at a time. Let's hope the news isn't as bad as you anticipate.

  3. I hope the best for your mother, but as we both know as parents get older the news is often not what we want to hear. It is hard to deal with aging parents and scary. I also hope the best for your kitty, pets are so important to me I can't imagine life without them. You have alot on you plate right now-be sure and take care of yourself.