Monday, 8 February 2010


The image is a piece of my work in The Material Girls Exhibition.
It's snowing here, large flakes are falling, I only hope they don't settle. Nothing has changed much on the condition of my Mum, she had a CT scan on Thursday and we have just over a week to wait for the results, it's such a long time. She is having good and bad days, I did call out her GP for a home visit on Friday as that was a really bad day, she was very dehydrated, it's not easy to keep a check on how much she's drinking when your not with her all the time, also she's not a child so it's not easy to make her drink. I took a day off on Saturday and did a bit of retail therapy..... my brother and his wife did shopping for Mum and spent time with her. Yesterday we went to see her in the morning and there was an improvement from Friday, I've spoken to her today and she's not so good, my brother is with her for part of the day today, I'm going tomorrow. It's good that we can look after her this way and support each other, the trouble is at the moment she's not actually getting any treatment as they really don't know what to treat her for! It's not easy being patient.
Last night after dinner Dave and I watched the first series of Gavin and Stacey, the whole 6 episodes, we didn't start watching the show until the 2nd series so now it all makes more sense. It's such a shame that there are no more being made, I can see why they stopped while they were at their peak, personally I hate shows that run and run like Last of the Summer Wine, but then I never found it funny when it first started, it's well past its sell by date!
Tomorrow I've got a meeting with Chrissythreads , The Material Girls are giving a talk to the Enfield branch of the Embroiderers Guild and we need to have a run through. Then I'm off to steward at the Exhibition, I'm hoping to get some photographs which I'll put up here. It will be good to go and have a look at the show again, apparently lots of bits have been sold which is really lovely.
I did have my assessment at the gym last week and it seems to be working, I didn't have a weight loss, but my overall body measurements have gone down by 7.1 inches, my blood pressure and heart rate have reduced too, just need to eat less and I'm on to a winner! The trouble is when I'm stressed not only do I knit socks I eat too. Speaking of food it's lunch time........


  1. Looking after parents is difficult, it's nice that your brother is helping. Like you say they are not children, and they will only do what they want too. Let's hope the scan results are good news. Love Gavin & Stacey, I was first introduced to the show last Christmas. I now have all the DVD's.

  2. It can't be easy taking care of your Mum especially when you don't know what's wrong. At least it is good you can share the responsibility with your brother. I've never seen Gavin and Stacey and feel that I've missed out... I'll have to get the DVDs. Your work looks really interesting - wish I could get to the exhibition but know I can't fit it in. Better go... think my potatoes might be burning.....

  3. Visited the exhibition today. It is spectacular. The photos looked good, but the real thing is better. Material Girls have excelled. Particularly loved your box Miriam,but everyones work was brill. Makes me miss Mat. Girls all the more.

  4. Its good you have family support with your mother. It is difficult to take care of an adult especially when you have always been their child. This is a tough thing. My thoughts are with you.