Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Carrying on

Life is still not easy, I'm taking everyday as it comes. My Mum is doing well, as well as can be expected. She has finished taking the first course of Chemo tablets,in a couple of weeks she'll have a scan to see how things are going and then the doctors will decide if she should have another course. Today she is having Radio therapy, she is only having one treatment, this should help with her pain. Non of this is a cure but it is making her feel as though she is fighting! Today or tomorrow Mum is being moved to a Care Home, the home is really nice and isn't far from where I live. At first I was upset when she made the decision to go into a home but I can understand why she's made this choice. The home specialises in palliative care, and no matter how much I wanted to look after her I know I wouldn't be capable of doing it! Mum is making all these decisions herself and they are the right decisions for her.

In the meantime life is carrying on, I'm doing my best to keep things normal. I'm trying hard to finish the quilt that has been going on for ever, every evening I do manage to get a few stitches done! I've knitted a couple of scarves one from red Alpaca wool that I bought in Jersey, it's lovely and if this weather carries on I'll be wearing it soon! This scarf I'm keeping, I gave the previous one to Rachel as she said she liked it and I have knitted quite a few.

I'll have to start on the socks again, although I do have a glove pattern, maybe I'll have a look at. I've also done a bit of work on my Aqua project, I've finished a lino print block and hopefully over the Easter holidays there will be time to play, printing on paper and fabrics.

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  1. keep your chin up and don't resort to the socks -there's not enough room in your house for any more! stitch instead.