Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Just got back from visiting my Mum, it was just me and my nephew David today. It was nice just the three of us chatting she was in really good spirits, she had her radio therapy this morning. The ambulance is booked to take her to the care home tomorrow morning. It will be easier for everyone when she's there, visiting will be unrestricted so we can pop in when we want.

There are four beds in the room she's been in for the last few weeks, it seems as though everyone is moving on this week. They are either going home or into a hospice, it's very humbling to see how these woman are coping with their cancer.

I decided that I needed some cheering up today so treated myself to some Tulip's.

For Mother's day Rachel gave me a Gerber, I've never had much luck with these before but fingers crossed this one seems to be lasting there are even new buds coming up......


  1. Sounds as though your Mum is being very strong and positive. Sending hugs!

  2. A strong and brave woman, she must be a real inspiration to you! Thinking of you all!

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