Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A few things crossed off the list in the last few days. Two pieces of work were delivered this morning to Material Girls so it can be sent off with the rest to Jersey. Take a look at the Material Girls Blog or Website to see all the work that will be in the 'Primarily Colour' exhibition. 

I have also finished Rachel's cardigan that I mentioned in the previous post, just needs to be blocked or whatever the word is? Before I can take a photo and post here!
My mood is improving I think it's because I have actually managed to spend sometime outside in the garden. It really does need whipping into shape, it was let go last year and needs a lot of attention. We have big plans to make a proper vegetable come flower garden, at this stage they are only plans. But you never know, our garden isn't large by any stretch of the imagination but we are happy with it. At one point I longed for a larger plot, then remembering the garden we had when I was growing up and how much hard work that was, I'm happy with my lot, or should that be plot? It's great to spend a few hours in the garden working then sitting back and enjoying it!


  1. Loved your pieces of work for Jersey. The sun shining today, certainly lifted my mood.

  2. The vessel you've made for Jersey looks lovely. Wish I was going again this year!

  3. Love your vessel. I hope the exhibition goes well. Wish I could go and see it.

  4. The people of jersey are in for a real treat!
    I'm looking forward to getting out in the garden this week too. I've been inspired by the edible garden program. Let's see if one can emulate!!!!!
    I hope that's the right word and I haven't said something rude, oh dear!