Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sunshine, Daffodil's and Snowdrops

When I opened the curtains in the dinning room this morning, the sun was shinning and the daffodils looked lovely, it made me feel bright and cheerful. The feeling has carried on all day!

After breakfast it was off to Lady Bugs, Diane had made a couscous and lemon cake delicious, she also made a scan bran cake, that one I'm not 100% sold on, an acquired taste I think, but thanks Diane for the low sin cakes. On the way back from the group I drive past a garden center, I dropped in to see if they had a plant for the window sill where the vase of daffodils are at the moment. As a consequence I now have snowdrops in the front garden, 20 potatoes chitin on the kitchen window sill, two scented candles and a plant for the dinning room! Next time I should drive past, but I wont, I think this will we a regular drop off. I met another of the group inside she was buying potatoes too! In the car park I met Pat from the group she was going in for a coffee, she suggests that we all go for lunch there in a few weeks time after class, it's obviously a regular haunt since we moved the meeting hall.

When I got home I blocked the cardigan/jacket, the colours don't really come out well in the photograph, it needs a kilt pin to fasten it. I'm not sure that it will fit Rachel it looks too big, but she's coming home on Sunday for Vince's birthday lunch, (that's Dave's dad) he'll be 88. So she can try it on then, or maybe Dave can take it to work with him to pass on (they work for the same company). Rachel gave me some brilliant news yesterday, they have moved offices from St. James's Park to the South Bank near to the Tate Modern, on a lunch time walk she discovered I KNIT LONDON, not such great news for Dave, I think I might send him along occasionally to pick up the odd ball of yarn for me!


  1. Jill & Wendy often go there. Never been there myself, but lunch sounds nice.

  2. My potatoes are still sitting in the bag on the drainer!!!!!
    Daffodils look great, a sign of spring.
    I love the cardigan and I've signed up for the email for the knitting website already. Looks good!

  3. I am still waiting for my daffodils to open so thankyou for showing yours. I keep telling myself to get some snowdrops, so maybe tomorrow I should hunt them down in the garden centres. I love the cardigan and always admire anyone who actually finishes what they are knitting. Thanks for your comment

  4. Not able to connect to the link you made for my scrap quilt!