Friday, 4 March 2011


Drawn using Faber&Castell Artists Pens
 After an eventful weekend, this week has been quiet,  I do find that when it's quiet I'm not very creative. I'm knitting another pair of fingerless gloves and also working in my sketch book (see the images). Dave was out for dinner on Wednesday, Rachel decided to come home for the night, she brought a girly dvd, we popped some popcorn and had a really lovely evening. She spotted my fingerless gloves (earlier post), I thought she was going to ask if she could have them, instead she asked if there's any wool over after I've knitted her socks could I knit her a pair of gloves, no pressure there then!!!

Today with a small group of ERTF members I went to see an exhibition in London at The Foundling Museum , "Threads of Feeling". We were lucky enough to be guided round by Janette Bright,  a member of ERTF. Until I met Janette a few years ago I'd never heard of The Foundling Museum, I went along to a talk given by her at an Embroiderers Guild meeting. She gave  an inspiring talk, relaying such sad but interesting stories,  there wasn't a dry eye in the place. This was the first time I'd met Janette, she was so passionate about her subject, the textile work she does is often inspired by her research at the museum. Today as we were looking at the exhibition  the group seemed to expand as other people there listened to Janette's talk.  This is a big benefit of belonging to a group like ERTF, members are happy to share their expertise with other members and are so generous with their time. After a lunch of a scone, cream and jam and a catch up with friends it was on the train and home, I really should not have eaten the scone, I'll have to make up for it,  I'll put in extra work at the gym????

Mum's house selling saga is still going on, contract's were exchanged today and  complete on 31st March. I'll believe it when it happens! It has really put me off the idea of moving, I don't think I could stand the stress. I think I've said this before I have no real connection with the house I never lived there, it was where my Mum lived and my Dad died there. It will be all done before the garden starts needing attention hopefully. I wont miss going to the house, of course it's not the same for my brother, he lived there, so his feelings are different.

We have  a few nice things planned for the weekend, tell you about it next week. Sitting here typing this there is a red glow in the sky, hope that means the weather is going to be good tomorrow. RED SKY AT NIGHT........


  1. I wish that I could have gone to the museaum with you.

  2. I love your zentangles - having a thing about hearts. Glad you enjoyed the Foundlings... the pieces on the museum website were quite thought provoking.

  3. I would have loved to have gone to this exhibition.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the museum and your day. I thought it was a really lovely place to visit.
    The fingerless gloves are certainly catching on, perhaps a new fashion statement!!
    The hearts are growing on me, did you choose them because you are such a h-arty person?

  5. It would have been good to have seen this exhibition with Janette. I hadn't heard of the museum until janette spoke to the ERTF conference a couple of years ago. Like your sketchbook doodles.

  6. I haven't watched GW for two years. I have set sky plus as well.

  7. those images are great Miriam. I would have loved to have seen that exhibition and have been trying to buy the book online without success, did you notice if they had any there?? We had a great weekend too...really lovely.