Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The snow drops I planted a few weeks ago have become well established in the front garden and look as though they have been there for ever, with any luck next year they will have spread a bit.
Snow Drops
The cardigan I knitted for Rachel as I suspected didn't fit it was more like a size 12 than a size 8, luckily it fitted Becky, she'd already said she liked it, I asked her to take a photo of her wearing it but.......
Last Friday my sister in law, Michelle and I went to Textile in Focus at Cottenham, we had a lovely time. I bought threads and bits and pieces I need for the projects I'm working on at the moment. Michelle has decided she'd like to have a go at felting after watching a demonstration, so she bought some wool tops.

Rachel photographing the sheep at Unravel
Saturday Rachel and I went to 'Unravel' at Farnham, thanks to Yarn to Knit's  generous prize. It was quite a day, Dave offered to drive us, then meet up and have lunch, I'm so glad he did! After spending and hour or so there and buying more yarn than I planned, sock wool for Rachel and me, and for Becky yarn for a scarf, we met Dave for a lovely lunch.
The weather was awful with a hail storm as we left Farmham, we were travelling on the M25 an alarm went of in the car, a light started flashing, engine malfunction. After standing on the hard shoulder for an hour, waiting for the AA(it was freezing, Rachel wore Dave's gloves to try and keep warm). We were towed off to a service station, the car was checked, it was safe to to drive home!  No kicking down or accelerating  hard, (my style of driving) good then that Dave drove. I took the car  to the garage yesterday, it has the all clear, it was a connection to the throttle? Means nothing to me, things were easier when you drove the car until smoke came out of the engine, or the car stopped, all these alarms and lights flashing make life so complicated.
I have been doing a lot of work in my sketch books over the last few weeks so nothing to show at the moment. If I'm not stitching I knit, I've made a pair of fingerless gloves (pattern from Jacqueline) for next winter. I've started knitting another pair using some of the wool from Saturday, a girl can never have enough fingerless gloves!


  1. Sounds like an eventful journey home, lucky you had hubby there. I hate it when the car plays up.

  2. I should have said it's only just 2 months old!!!

  3. You sound busy. I've got to get a new tyre. Managed to drive all the way home with a flat yesterday without noticing!Every year I promise I will plant snowdrops for the following Spring. I've been here 21 years and there still aren't any snowdrops!

  4. Worrying title! I have always wondered what it is like to have to stand on the hard shoulder waiting for recovery. I have never owned a pair of finger less gloves, you will have to let me into the benefits. Don't your fingers get cold.

  5. sorry about your breakdown and on the m25 too!! we have parking sensors on our car that go off if someone walks past!! they terrify me.

  6. Smart gloves!
    Cars mmmmm! My petrol flap thingie won't open today. I've just stood there like a "nellie" on the forecourt at Tesco, muttering as one does in a crisis. I've got 90 miles of diesel left in the tank and as I'm taking a trip to Lakeside this afternoon, I must make sure I take NO detours!