Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Garden Today

 The garden is  looking good despite the summer weather doing it's best to sabotage my efforts, in this part of the country there's either a complete lack of rain or a deluge and very little sun.
 The dahlias are doing well I think it's the 3rd year I grew them from seed and still have 3 plants in the garden, I don't do anything to them except dead head them on a regular basis!
 Can't remember what these are called but I grew them from seed too and they come up every year. Are they Sweet Williams?
 The wild life  seems to be doing well too, this Red Admiral fluttered into the garden landed on the flower then took a liking to my jeans, I tried to get a photo but by the time I'd got it in focus it had flown off again!
 I'm into brighter colours in the garden this year and tried to introduce oranges and yellow's instead of the pinks, blues and lilac's that I've had for years.
 After fluttering around the flowers and not landing long enough for a good photo the butterfly posed for ages on the marrow plant, the antennae are fascinating (click on the image to enlarge). I swear it sat there for so long, I got fed up and I fluttered off!

 These  Sunflowers are not exactly where I would have positioned them in the garden but I didn't plant them, they appeared with a few others around the garden, it seemed a shame to pull them up so I've left them. I suppose they were planted by the birds, at least they fit in with the colour theme!
 The vegetable garden is doing well too!


Swiss Chard


 The tomatoes are doing well they are hanging like grapes, I've removed most of the leaves hoping that if the sun does shine they get as much light as possible to ripen them. I get two or three red ones every day, but I think I may have to dig out a recipe for 'Green Chutney', a few years ago when we were in Virginia we had fried green tomatoes, maybe I'll find a recipe for that as well, it was delicious and as 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe' is one of my favourite films I had to give them a try.
And the plastic bags, well I been dyeing  fabric and  I might use the bags! Well that's a tour around my garden on the 1st September I wonder what it'll look like on the 30th?

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  1. You've a lot more colour in yur garden than mine! I've got plenty of green tomatoes too... off to pull off their leaves! (That's one of my favourite films too)