Sunday, 18 September 2011


Well it was definatly a challenge, trying to keep Betsy away from the bits of plaster! Luckily the plasterer liked dogs. At least it's all finished and the living room is usable, I cant say the same of my work room, all my 'stuff' as Dave calls it is in boxes and stacked in another room, ideal oppertunity to sort out! But really I should be working, I've a few projects that need to be completed by October! Next it's painting, that should be fun keeping Betsy out of the paint pots!

Thinking about it!

Chewing it over
It's been a hard weekend!
News about the hanging 'Liberation of the Heart' see image in sidebar, last week I found out that it was in fact still with the gallery. I phoned and spoke to the lady at the gallery, she said like me she'd been contacting the person (who shall remain nameless) without any response trying to find out my address, I spoke to the gallery on Monday and by Friday it was delivered, hooray!!!! From now on I'll be careful whose group I exhibit with. Now it will be hung in the exhibition of Material Girls Work at Craft Arena.


  1. Really pleased that your piece of work has been returned. See, miracles do happen!

  2. The picture on your side bar doesn't do your work justice. The hanging is fantastic, I'm so glad that you persisted in trying to get it back. You must continue with the work you were developing in your sketch book, it will make a wonderful collection.

  3. Jacqueline, miracles. The miracle will be if it sells!
    Thanks Diane, your very kind. I did enjoy doing it and liked the work in the sketch book, maybe I will get to follow up on it.
    See you Wednesday.

  4. so happy you got your work back, I would have been beside myself!