Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Growing Fast

Betsy is growing up so fast!

The First Time I Saw Betsy (2 Weeks)

A Few Weeks Later

First Day With Us (11weeks)

This Morning (14 Weeks)
This Afternoon ( She's been clipped)

Playing in Veggie Bed


  1. What a little cutie! Will Sunday be Dave's first turn at dog sitting?

  2. Yes, although despite all his 'it's your dog, don't expect me to....' before we got her, he insists on putting her to bed, gets up at the weekends and often says shall we take her for a walk!!!! It helps that she's all over him when he comes in from work, she's a little charmer and knows how to get her own way, well she's a girl after all.

  3. Definitely cute, I love the way she's waving for the camera!

  4. Hi Miriam, what a cute little dog - it makes me think I must have a dog again BUT do I need an extra responsibility?????

  5. Looks like a little scamp to me! Bet she know how to get her own way. May you have may years of fun together.

  6. Can see why Dave has fallen for her charms, she's adorable!

  7. She's very smart with her new haircut. Is that expensive?

  8. certainly growing a lot faster than a baby would!!!
    I am going to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!! I am a very lucky girl.....I will try and squash you in the case but if they find you then you're on you're own!!