Tuesday, 1 November 2011

1st November Already-only 54 days until Christmas!

I don't know whats been happening here, that's not strictly true BETSY is what's been happening! I can't keep using her as an excuse. I must get myself organised and get on with things, so many deadlines have been missed. I knew I was getting a puppy so decided not to submit work for selection for the ERTF exhibition in September, it would have been impossible to leave a pup and go off and do the necessary requirements if I had been selected. Since then I've missed the deadline for ALQS6, I was really hoping to take part in that, maybe I'll have a chance another time. Then I said I'd knit cup cakes for Gina's Pink Friday Party, I even went out and bought the wool from Craft Arena, Denise loaned me cupcake knitting patterns, but the parties been and gone and the wool is still in the bag. I've returned the patterns. So sorry to all those I've let down.  From now on I must either do the things I say I'll do or keep my 'BIG' mouth shut and don't say I'll do them in the first place! I have really let things slip, I don't think I've commented on other peoples blogs either, not always my fault, sometimes it's blogger, I type out the comment and then cant get it posted. I have been reading blogs, that's easy I can sit with Betsy and check on my i phone. A big thank you for everyone that comments on my blog I really do appreciate it. I do manage to get bits onto my facebook via my phone on a regular basis but getting posts onto blogger isn't a success for me via my phone even using the app! Well enough of my problems and failings. Hope you've not dozed off or cried your eyes out yet.

Now for what I have managed to do! Lots of walking Betsy, she gets me out at least twice a day, evening walks are a bit difficult since last week the odd firework is 'let off', why so far in advance of 5th November? She really doesn't like them and so I'm taking her out earlier, how do other dog owners manage any tips gratefully accepted! The weekend walks are the best Dave and I take her to various woods all within a few miles of where we live. Despite being able to get into London in next to no time we have lots of green spaces Thames Chase. The nearest place for us to walk Betsy are Berwick Ponds and Woods its about a 5 minute walk from our house, that's where we walked on Sunday and Betsy had her first meeting with ducks and geese, she didn't turn a hair!

Despite missing some deadlines there's one I just have to make, so there has been some work going on, not as quickly as it should have been, but it needs to be completed by next Tuesday for the Material Girls monthly meeting!

Tonight I'm putting the backing on and it's done then I need to make a start on my 3D work or at least have something in my sketch book to show. I know what I'm doing just need to get it out of my head and into the page! Are you convinced? Good.

Looking forward to next year, we've booked a cottage for a week's holiday. We are going to Norfolk in May, when James was a baby we had a couple of lovely holidays in Norfolk. The cottage is on the coast and I'm dreaming of long walks on those lovely Norfolk beaches with Betsy (hope the obedience classes have worked by the time May comes).  We've also booked a holiday for later next year (without Betsy)  after reading Purple Podded Peas accounts of her road trip from LA to San Francisco, a trip we did with the children. I seriously thought about doing it again for the third time or going back to New England and visiting Rhode Island a place we have never managed to visit. On Saturday I left Dave with two brochures one for America and the other Worldwide and off I went to have my hair cut when I got home he'd picked where he fancied going. SO we're off to Mauritius for 11 nights!!!!! I must admit I was looking forward to visiting all those wonderful textile shops in the US, I'm not that disappointed though, I've been told that Mauritius has lovely textiles (keeping that to myself) and it's good to widen your horizons.

Oh well better get on Internet, Christmas shopping to be done, only 54 days until.........
But before I leave a photo of Betsy, it's not easy getting a good one, she doesn't sit still for long! 


  1. Material Girls piece looking good. Being organised is easier said than done, I hope I manage to complete all work by the deadlines given next year. I have failed miserably this year. As for Ch....... I agree on line shopping now is the answer.

  2. Was Betsy having a long nap?
    You were able to write loads, very good reading.
    Love your holiday ideas, I do need to get some brochures, flicking backwards and forwards through pages on the internet isn't quite the same.

  3. Jacqueline, the holiday isn't just an idea IT'S BOOKED, confirmation came in the post today!!!! We're off to Mauritius.

  4. Please don't feel you've let me down Miriam... sometimes life just gets in the way and I ended up with loads of cakes. Betsy looks like a lovely distraction!