Friday, 18 November 2011

It was Lovely

Thought I'd just let you know that the casserole was very tasty, I'm not really a fan of the slow cooker, as I'm not a domestic goddess when I've used it before it's not been very successful. Some might say I need more practice! I thought I should use it as last weekend I had a go at cooking Heston Blumenthal's three times cooked chips, they were lovely. In passing I said " Maybe we should get an electric fryer" I'd used the wok, a comment was made " Good idea, it can stand on the side next to the slow cooker, bread maker and the ice-cream maker that never get used". So yes you've guessed it in the coming week I'm planning on cooking another casserole with bread and for dessert.......

There is a give away on Silver Pebbles blog take a look! She's giving one lucky person the chance to win Kirstie Allsopp's book and also a Silver clay starter pack.


  1. Well done you!
    Though I've got to say, I never doubted your cooking ability.
    Its's ok, you can pay me later!!

  2. HI Miriam, I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog as I don't have an email for you, but just wanted to say thanks for the comments, and yep, I agree ... I'd get lots of use out of my accessories in the UK, sounds like its cold again over there. Summer comes and goes so quick doesn't it. I'll let you know what I do get around to wearing it and post a pic.
    Thanks again