Thursday, 12 January 2012

Leap into Granola!

I've made a leap ( get it?) into the new year by making a start on a quilt for my nephew and his fiancee, they are getting married in July 2013 but I need to get moving with it. The Material Girls have a lot on this year and I don't want to have to rush anything, the plan is to keep ahead of ALL projects so its busy, busy!
Cutting the strips

Rachel arrived home yesterday and is staying with us for a few days before so goes back to her own house. I like to think its because she missed us, but maybe it's the fact that I have already done several loads of her washing for her while she doses in bed! I really missed her, not that we see a lot of each other (Dave sees her every day, they work together) but it felt as though she was away for months not just 3 weeks, it was probably because it was our time of year for birthdays and Christmas, usually she stays with us at those times!  She had a fantastic time and has come home looking tanned and really well, I look so pale beside her, I need a holiday in the sun soon please.........

As I said in my previous post I'm not making new year promises which I would only break, but everyone in blog land seems to be starting new projects. So my project is to cook more varied and different food, I've lost the passion I used to have for trying different recipes its all become a bit boring! I also want to be more organised about it ( especially after this morning when sorting out the cupboard and finding three bags of plain flour two half used ( in date) and two bags of unopened self raising flour (in date too). A good start today when I made my own granola, Silverpebble mentioned making her own granola and Sue posted a link to the recipe on her blog, take a look her blog is full of brilliant recipes and lovely photographs.

Granola- Just need to add the fruit

Must dash the last load of washing needs to go in the machine! But I just had to post a photograph of Betsy, she was six months old on 27th December.



  1. I must check that recipe out for granola. Starbucks and Costa sell granola bars, wouldn't mind having a go at making them myself!
    Sounds like Rachel is recovering well from her long journey while Mum is running ragged doing all the washing.
    Would you want it any other way?

  2. No your right, I wouldn't want it any other way! Washing is all done now we're sitting watching Jonny Depp in a film, a perfect way to share an afternoon!

  3. Of course you have to post a picture of Betsy. Happy Half birthday Betsy. (And as for the diamante and tweed...I saw some Harris Tweed collars for sale online at £55 so I'm just investigating the hardware to go into production!)

  4. Look forward to seeing the quilt as it develops; like the colours.Great to have your daughter back. Betsy is so cute!