Friday, 20 January 2012


 I have to tell you the Granola is well worth making so much nicer than a well known brand that I usually buy from the supermarket. Dave has given up his usual weetabix in the morning, the outcome is I need to make more, much sooner than I had planned. Bread will be made this weekend I hope.........

On Tuesday I went to the ballet with Becky and Rachel, this was a birthday treat for the three of us, which was delayed, originally I booked the tickets for the 4th January (closer to our birthdays) but we needed to exchange them as Rachel was in Australia! This was Becky's first trip to the ballet she really enjoyed it and I think we will all go again, maybe next time a traditional ballet.

The quilt is coming on well and I hope to get it layered up next week at Ladybugs, previously I've layered up on the living room floor,  Betsy would make that impossible, plus using the tables at class will be easier on the knees!

Sorry I don't seem to be able to write a post without a photo of Betsy!

I've been spending my evenings doodling for the Sketchbook challenge. It's been really enjoyable doing this months project I hope I enjoy the next one as much, I've been doodling using Pitt Artist Pens and coloured them using Caran D'ache.

This post is very photo heavy hope I'm forgiven...........


  1. Looking forward to seing you on Wednesday, it seems ages since we had time for a chat. Love the doodles and the colouring is amazing. I have been doodling on paper with a biro, not quite the same.

  2. You call that doodling|
    I call it, a work of art!!!!

  3. I do like your doodles, very effective with the colours you used. I can just imagine Betsy 'helping' you put your quilt together!!

  4. A picture paints a thousand you are forgiven.
    As for Betsy pictures, its the have to put one in every post. Good idea not to attempt to do the quilt on the floor. Unless your 'LEAVE IT ' lessons have succeeded!