Monday, 20 February 2012

Bridging Waters - Ready for PV

This morning the Material Girls met at the gallery and just like magic the exhibition was up on the walls, and then I woke up......  I do have to say it looks good. I hope that you get to see the work in the flesh so to speak, always better than just seeing images. Last week at the MG regular meeting the press arrived, with a photographer,  I think the saying goes all publicity is good publicity, well this is good publicity if slightly wrong , well you cant expect everything! Have a look at Chrissythreads to see the article. There will be a lot of images on this and the Material Girls blog on Friday, it's the Private view on Thursday evening and I don't feel it's right to put images up until after that.

Tomorrow I'm having a trip to London with Dave we're off the The British Museum to see the Grayson Perry Exhibition and also to the Crypt Gallery to see a photographic Exhibition and who knows a nice lunch and maybe a bit of retail therapy. The trip to London is no change for Dave as he makes the journey to town every day it just means he'll get a lay in, oh yes! and my company. Betsy gets a treat too she's going to spend the day with her Mum, she loves it!


  1. Good luck to all the material girls for the exhibition.
    Looking forward to coming along on Thursday.

  2. Good luck, and see you on Thursday. You'll enjoy the Grayson Perry!

  3. Hope the exhibition goes well Miriam. Enjoy your day in London. I was there yesterday to see the David Hockney exhibition which was sensational.

  4. Good luck with the exhibition Miriam, I hope you get lots of visitors