Sunday, 12 February 2012

Not a Lot of Blogging

has been going on here, no excuses or apologies I've just not felt like it. Do you ever feel like that? I have been reading  your post though and commenting sometimes but even that has been a bit patchy. To be honest I think it's the weather, I never used to feel like this during the winter. I noticed feeling a bit down last year and it's hit me again this year too, it's not depression as such I'm just not very enthused about things that I should be.....

I wont bore you with a long post just a bit of a catch up. Over the last few weeks I've made bread NOT with a machine  BUT by hand 3 loaves and 8 rolls, they were  lovely (even if I say so myself) and I'll be making more this week  (well that's the plan).  I've made two more batches of Granola, it is very popular in this house Dave has abandoned his much loved weetabix!

Wholegrain Rolls
Dave and I decided that maybe a weekend away would be a good idea! Mmm when did we book for? Yep last weekend, Dave thought Suffolk would be nice, I didn't discourage him as I knew there were two fabric shops that I've never been to. Despite the promise of snow we set off on the Friday with the hope that the forecast would be wrong as usual. A detour on our way to the hotel  took us via Bungay and Sew and So's, I spent much more than I should have, but well worth it.

Bungay, Suffolk
We checked into the hotel and had a great evening meal, at some point the staff announced that it was snowing, mmm! Saturday morning there was a light dusting of snow, after breakfast decided we'd drive  into Southwold.  It was sleeting and freezing cold, Dave suggested we have a walk onto the pier, I thought he must be joking but he wasn't, well wrapped up off we set. By the time we got to the cafe I couldn't feel my face, a hot chocolate helped me warm up before we set off for a walk along the front and a very quick look at the shops, we bought a couple of birthday cards and a coat for Betsy. All this time it was sleeting, after not a lot of debate we decided to go back to the hotel pack our bags and check out. The hotel were really generous and we didn't have to pay a cancellation charge, we  will definitely be returning to Satis House when the weather is better.

Southwold (it looks quite nice but it was sleeting)
We were so glad we left Suffolk when we did because it snowed and snowed on Saturday evening from about 6pm,  I looked out of the window at 3 am on Sunday it was still snowing, a deep covering for us!

Closer to home after the snow

Betsy with a frozen nose!

Betsy or Pointy Ears!

Betsy has been enjoying the snow, she just cant keep her nose out of it!

Despite trying to keep her ears turned down they continue to stay pointing up so nature has won and I've decided not to weight them anymore. Her ears were weighted down with a sort of blue tack stuff that the breeder suggested, it didn't hurt her at all.  But it seems unfair to her to continue doing it,  I think she looks cute whether her ears stick up or not.


  1. Morning, nice to see you getting out and about, I agree about not using bread makers, I make my dough in my Kenwood Chef then finish it by hand, it feels right somehow. Betsy's ears are ok, she's a sweetie.

  2. We tried that ear thing with our first dog a Sheltie years ago. I gave up as well and although it meant he wouldn't win any prizes, I felt better and I think he did. I think Betsy is quite cute enough.

  3. I know how you feel Miriam, I had a "can't be bothered week" last week. Today though I have made much more of an effort. I swam first thing, chatted away merrily on the phone for a good hour or so, dusted, hoovered, made spaghetti bolognese for dinner and I've baked some blueberry muffins.
    I'm now just passing your blog checking out the ingredients for the granola.
    Feeling much better!
    By the way, I think she's got lovely ears!