Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What twice in one week I hear you cry!

Well it's because Betsy and I had a lovely surprise this morning, we had been out for our walk and had just got back when the postman knocked at the door! I looked at the parcel that was being handed to me just seeing the first initial of the name 'B' I was about to say 'no that's not for me'. The postman get very confused here as my neighbours houses are A&B and I'm always having to re post their letters. Anyway back to the parcel, I then saw it was in fact addressed to Miss Betsy Weaver,  we rushed to unwrap it and there was a cute little card from Hetty to Betsy and an absolutely beautiful Harris Tweed Dog Coat made by Jackie Cardy. Betsy was swiftly dressed in her new coat and she paraded around the house wearing it  as though she was in ' London Fashion Week' (now there's an idea Jackie) she looks so cute in it. This is such a generous gift from Hetty and Jackie and Both Betsy and I are over the moon. I'm so glad now that I've booked Betsy in for a wash and cut this weekend, I'm going to have to smarten myself up now too, I don't want to let the side down when we're out walking..........

Thanks again Hetty and Jackie. 


  1. How cute is she! Jackie is a very clever lady and Betsy makes a great super model.

  2. She looks very smart - I bet she'll get lots of attention when she goes out wearing it!

  3. How cute Betsy looks! It almost looks too smart to go out in the rain and mud - maybe you'll keep it for dry days!