Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2013

December is always full of celebrations in this family, we've already celebrated Dave's birthday and this year we had an extra celebration, on Saturday my lovely God Daughter Kate  married  Peter, see  her Mum's blog there are some lovely photographs of the happy couple. Then Sunday it was up early,  no time for a hangover and it was on the train to London for lunch with James and Becky plus Becky's family to celebrate James' 31st birthday, where does the time go, it seems like only yesterday I was pushing him in a pram........ Tomorrow it's Christmas Day then off we go again getting ready for another three birthdays!!!!!!
A Big Thank You to everyone that has visited my blog over the last year and to those that have left a comment an extra big thank you!  Those that haven't I look forward to maybe reading your comments during the coming year!


  1. Have a lovely chrimbly, your photo is gorgeous x

  2. Happy Christmas Miriam... and many Happy Birthdays to all concerned too!

  3. Lovely to see you and your family at the wedding. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and birthday. X

  4. Lovely photo Miriam.
    As all your birthday celebrations continue, I'm just beginning to slow down. We've had a wonderful Christmas!
    Lots of love from myself, all my family, the monkey and the PARROT! Just the best fun ever!

  5. What a lot of fun celebrations, hope your Christmas was lovely Miriam.