Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Still Baking.......

and it  is going well, I'm baking one loaf every week and that lasts us and it keeps very well too.
Wholemeal Cob
 I'm  loving the curries from Anjum Anand's book  on Friday I cooked Bengali Fish curry, it was really tasty but I did overdo the ginger a bit but Dave and I enjoyed it, next time I'll use less ginger!

I'm still working away on my main piece for the Seeking Artemis exhibition, it's getting there slowly. It needs to be completed by early March, I'm having a frame made to display it and the man making it will need accurate measurements.  Once that's done I can  start on the smaller works to complement the main piece.

A friend has started a blog she is a talented textile artist, I wont say anymore as Sheila tells all in her About Me link. I will only say that I  met Sheila on the first day at  City and Guilds in 2007 and we've remained friends ever since,  go and have a look Sheila Frankland My Life in Threads .
While I'm on the subject of promoting other peoples blogs have a look at Amanda's blog she is busy working on her exhibition for Dorset Art week 2014 and you'll be able to follow her progress there.

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post I really do appreciate it.

I'm out for lunch tomorrow so a break from stitching.........


  1. Sheila finally blogging, thanks for the link. Nothing ike a bit of pressure of a deadline to get you working.

  2. I've just given my daughter our bread machine as it was far too dangerous for us and she is loving waking up to fresh bread at the weekend. I must admit I do miss the smell!

    On my way over to investigate Sheila now.

  3. And thank you for the plug!! All followers welcome! :)

  4. I shall potter over and greet Sheila on her blog!
    The bread really does look lovely, I must try!!!!!