Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bread and More Bread

Things are moving on I've been busy working on samples for my City and Guilds course, no images at the moment maybe next time. I've also been working on my pieces for the 'Seeking Artemis' Exhibition, when Chris invited me to join her and the other female artists in this exhibition I was flattered and excited. Since then I have fluctuated between that feeling of excitement and blind panic....... after our meeting on Saturday I'm in the state of excitement. How I'll feel as May fast approaches I don't know! Does everyone doubt their own abilities is it normal? Anyway I have been busy today posting images on the Seeking Artemis blog  pop over  and take a look at a small sample of work that will be in the exhibition, there are six  artist  of varying experiences in exhibiting from the very experienced to a first time exhibitor. We are all supporting and encouraging each other in the true spirit of Artemis. We also have a Facebook page take a look  and please press the 'like' button at the top of the page  (a bit of pushy promotion there).

Home baking is very much in vogue  I've been baking bread and since the New Year no shop bought bread has been consumed in this house,  home baked bread is so much tastier  plus  you know whats in it an added bonus the house smells lovely. I seem to have the cob loaf down to a fine art, the recipes are from Baking Made Easy Paul Hollywood.

 I wasn't at all happy with my attempt at sour dough, I've given up on that one! Tomorrow I'm making a wholemeal loaf, hopefully before lunch. Does anyone out there make their own sour dough? I'd love to know how they get on with it, mine was so well I cannot even put it into words........

I do seem to have the cooking bug at the moment on Saturday I made a lovely creamy chicken curry with stir fried spring onions, washed down with a pint of Crabbies, not good for the waist line but never mind. This recipe was from Anjum Anand's book Indian Food Made Easy, both of the books were Christmas presents, I cant say that someone was trying to tell me something, because I bought them myself with book vouchers!

There have been two pilates classes, after the first class my back ached, not a surprise and after the latest session it doesn't feel quite so bad. There are only four of us in the group and we all have lower back problems so the class is very gentle (apparently) . Hopefully by the end of the six sessions I'll actually feel the benefit.


  1. I love following what you do Mirriam! I find it interesting as I'm about to embark on doing the open studios event next year and I've never put on an exhibition before! (If anyone wants to follow my attempts they can join me at the more the merrier! But don't laugh too much.)

    And the cooking looks wonderful, my invite to dinner seems to be lost in the post though.

  2. It seems as though we've both been baking and doing Pilates this month! Good luck with the Armetis exhibition Miriam... and it is perfectly normal to be consumed with self doubt. I always think that the moment I think what I'm doing is okay is the time to stop. We need that self doubt to keep pushing us forward.

  3. Mmm the bread looks really good.
    As I said to you a little while ago, I have some new yarn to knit some slipper socks and having looked at the pattern I haven't got the faintest idea what to do. So, I'm currently doubting my own abilities. Hopefully the online tutorial will help to get me started and then I will ooze confidence. Fingers crossed!
    I am sure that the Seeking Artemis exhibition will be a great success having looked at the sample of work on the blog.

  4. excitement, blind panic..... normal, well is for me. I'm doubting Art Trail entries, only done it 5 years, and I still panic. It will be fine. Remember excitement, cos that carries you the doubts.

  5. I've had a quick look at the facebook page, and will take a closer look later - very exciting! I do a "no-knead" bread recipe, it's on the blog somewhere if you search my list of tags. Use it every time now - it's long-winded but that's in waiting time not working time - you quickly mix the flour/yeast/salt/water together, leave it for a long time, shape, leave again, and finally bake it! Delicious as well as easy!

  6. Believe in yourself, you are a very talented lady. Love the cooking you are doing, really in the mood to bake more too.

  7. The exhibition will be exciting but nerve wracking as well, but with your talent you know you can do it!! Love the glimpse of your quilt! The bread looks very professional and tasty, enjoy reading your blog Miriam.