Sunday, 28 July 2013

Feather in My Hat or Cap?

The weather is warm, it's been all BBQ's and going out for lunch with friends or catching up on City and Guilds work and continuing with my work for the Material Girls next exhibition,  I need to finish it as soon as possible. A lot of the time it's been trying to keep myself and Betsy cool, our daily walks have been cut short when it's to hot, she loves  ice cubes and ice lollies. The best bit is spending  days at home  with the windows and doors open, I love the summer.

This weekend was the wedding of my nephew David, it was a beautiful occasion with lots of laughter and a few tears. David was  close to my Mum, his brother Matt (the best man) told a few stories of things that included her in his speech. My brother, me and our families miss her,  she would have loved to have been there to celebrate with us,  although Matt's stories were funny they made us all shed a tear or two. The day was  long and very hot, I along with some of the other guests suffered the heat and wore a hat, oh! how I love a hat........

I made David and Hayley a quilt for their wedding gift, it was a pattern I've used before, and I enjoy making it, but this will be the last one of this pattern I'll make. I don't like doing the same thing over and over again. Thankfully they were both pleased with it, I always have difficulty when I label a quilt I never know what to write! If your a quilter how would you label a wedding quilt? I started making the quilt over a year ago but only put the last stitch in two days before the wedding, that was sewing on the label.

This week it's going to be all about play dates, Betsy is going for a play with Dizzy, I think probably wednesday afternoon. Tuesday I'm going to visit a cousin, her daughter and grand daughter, hopefully I'll get a cuddle. On saturday my god son George is celebrating his second birthday,  it will be jelly and ice cream, cant wait. Hope paper hats will be involved, watch this space.......


  1. Lovely quilt and very stylish hat! Look forward to seeing pictures of you all in paper hats eating jelly and ice-cream :-)

  2. Miriam, so a hat for every occasion then! As I've already said to you your hat, your outfit and your family looked wonderful. The whole day was lovely and very special.

  3. A stunning hat, worth every penny. What a wonderful wedding present, a gift to treasure.

    1. Thanks Diane, blood sweat and almost tears over this quilt if you remember at Lady Bugs. But well worth the effort, they are really pleased with it. I need another wedding so I can wear my hat again.

  4. Love the hat! Lucky recipients of your super quilt, a very special gift made with love.

  5. Fabulous hat! You look lovely Miriam.