Sunday, 4 August 2013

Where's the Jelly?

There was no jelly and ice cream at this party, but lots of birthday cake, I slightly over indulged on the white wine! I  had two glasses, I honestly think it was sitting in the garden in the heat and not eating enough, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! George enjoyed himself and received lots of attention and more importantly for a little TWO year old boy, he received lots of presents. So it's fair to say he had a good Birthday Party!!! And when I woke up this morning I had NO hang over, well as I said it was only TWO glasses.....

Just as well I'd made my own ice cream on Friday, then. I'd found the recipe via here then here, a big thank you to them both, isn't the world of blogging a beautiful thing? I did adapt the recipe a bit I substituted  a few things, it's good to improvise.

500g strawberries
150g golden caster sugar (it's what was in the larder)
300ml whipping cream
300ml low fat yoghurt

Clean fruit then put in saucepan with sugar and 3 tablespoons of water, cook on low heat until soft. Then puree and sieve ( I didn't bother to sieve nor did I totally puree, the bits in the ice cream were quite nice), leave to cool completely.  Mix the yoghurt / cream and fruit together. This is now up to you, I have a little used ice cream maker (one of those it seems a good idea at the time things) I took the well frozen container from the freezer ( it's been in there for over a year) and poured the liquid into it, it churned and groaned into a frozen sloppy mass in about 30 minutes. Then I poured it into a freezer proof container and popped it into the freezer, I did take it out after an hour and mixed it with a fork then left it in the freezer again for another couple of hours.
If you don't have a machine I think you need to remove from the freezer and mix every hour do this four times, it's to stop the ice cream forming into a solid lump to quickly ( I'm no expert ) it was well worth the effort. But a thing to be aware of as this ice cream has no additives it won't last as long as shop bought ice cream, such a pity  it needs to be used up asap..... it also sets quite firm if left in the freezer for a couple of days as we discovered after lunch today, but still tasted good!

I'm going to attempt cinnamon ice cream this week, and I'll make it by hand, reading other web sites I understand that custard based ice creams are the best they are creamier because they include eggs, anyone tried it?

Betsy did go for a visit to her friends on a very hot day, they played and romped and then laid in the shade, when we got home she went straight to her bed and slept all evening she didn't even want to go out for her evening walk.

Sometimes I really get fed up with blogger, had real trouble getting the photos in the right place and when I try to put labels on them the image pops up in the top of the post AGAIN???? Giving up......


  1. Glad you enjoyed the party and didnt have a hangover. That icecream looks lovely, I tried to make strawberry sorbet the other week but couldnt get it to the semi frozen stage. I usually just make vanilla using 2 eggs, sugar and cream whisked together and then added to icecream maker and it's yummy.

  2. Tempted to try making my own ice cream now.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels tipsy after just two glasses! The ice cream sounds goo. I usually do a custard base which can be a bit of a faff but the last time I made Ice Cream I used a tub of supermarket fresh custard as a base and it worked brilliantly.

  4. I'm so pleased you were inspired to make icecream. As Gina said, frozen custard is great (even Birds) and ice-cream made with eggs and cream as Su said, is a lovely luxury!