Sunday, 22 November 2009

Home Alone?

OH has just been picked up and whisked off to Heathrow, he's working in Madrid for a few days! I've got plans, get lots of textile projects finished and some new ones started. I wont feel guilty if I spend all evening painting or all night on my sewing machine.

Rachel will be coming home at some point to help give Belle (the constipated cat) her medicine, I cant manage on my own, however Rachel can! When I try there is sticky medicine all over the house, a cat with her fur standing on end and me scratched to bits, hot and really, really frustrated, a sight no one wants to see! Rachel just opens the cats mouth and pops in the syringe, done, I wish I knew the secret?


  1. Lucky you! No time to be lonely with all your projects planned. Howard is talking about going skiing with some friends and I am already planning my days and evening. See you on Wednesday for some textile therapy!

  2. Sounds like it's only me then that's not home alone. Still, I'm too busy trying to thread little tiny beads on to wire for the bracelets I'm making to notice if there's anyone else in the room. I only know when a voice says "Tea!" and I reply "Oh, that would be lovely." Then I sigh, only another hundred to go!