Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter Bunny, going, going, gone!!!!!!

Things have settled into a sort of routine here, my Mum moved into a nursing home the Thursday before Easter and is very happy. The nurses are very kind to her, the food is good and she is getting lots of visitors. So it seems as though she made the right decision for her.

Easter was fairly quiet Rachel came home for the weekend, and we had a couple of family meals. On Saturday we went to Barleylands and craft arena, I got some of the things I need for a weekend workshop I'm doing with Yvonne Brown, I'm really looking forward to that.

Tuesday there was an Aqua-8 meeting, I think I know where my work is going and I'm going to do more samples.

James and Becky gave Dave and I a mug each, full of Lindt chocolate bunnies, still lots left! I can get a whole one in my mouth in one go, is that wicked, or is it better to bite the head off first?


  1. Thank you the op went well. I am glad that your mother is being cared for very well and that she is happy in her new home.

  2. It is nice to hear that your mum is settled. Hopefully it will take some of the presser off your family. I have also decided on my Aqua projects, but need to start my sketch book and samples. I have been working on some ideas.