Thursday, 29 April 2010


I said yesterday that I'd be finishing the bag and dah, dah! here it is.

The colours are a lot better in the flesh, the lining is make from cotton that I dyed last summer using dyrect dyes in the microwave.

For a good discription of the weekend at Belstead see dianehobbit


  1. Thanks for the plug! Love the bag,it really makes me want to finish mine. But I have 100 school reports to finish by 14th May.

  2. That bag is delightful, clever you , Jan xx

  3. Thanks for the nice comments about the bag, it was a lot to do with a brilliant tutor. I just need a good evening out now so I can use it! Or maybe I'll just take it when I next make a visit to Sainsbury's.

  4. Miriam,forget Sainsburys, you need to take the bag to John Lewis and Waitrose. If they see it, they'll love it
    and want to sell it and more of them for you.
    I think its brilliant!

  5. Too good to go shopping in, you need to have a night out to show it off!