Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Promising Start

I woke up this morning the sun was shining and I was looking forward to a lovely day. Dave put the coffee pot on and as I'd done the house work yesterday we could have a relaxing morning. I finished a scarf that I have been knitting with wool I purchased when I was on my Jersey break. This one is Manos Silk Blend, yesterday I remembered a set of handmade buttons that I bought about 10 years ago and came across recently, they would look lovely with the colours in the scarf, I went into my work room and opened draws, looked in boxes and bags, can I find the buttons? No I cant! Any way I'd already decided that I wanted to put button holes on the scarf and I did buy a pack of buttons on Jersey and I think they look OK, so now this is my 'Jersey Button Scarf'.

After lunch I went to Romford Embroiderers Guild today Gina Ferrari gave a talk about her work, everyone enjoyed it and not one fell asleep and I have to be honest that is rare, so well done Gina!!!

Dave came to pick me up so we could pop in to see Mum, she was asleep when we arrived. This often happens, I hate to wake her but don't want to leave without her knowing that we've been. I did wake her and we had a chat, her neighbour's visited this morning with their children. She is so amazed that people come to visit!

After such a promising start things then went downhill Dave said he had a head ache and had already taken some pills. We were due to go out for dinner this evening, instead poor Dave is tucked up in bed with a migraine, the table cancelled and I had cheese on toast for dinner. And no his migraine isn't caused because he's married to me..........


  1. Thank you for being kind to me yesterday... and staying awake!.You know you will find those buttons when you least expect it (scarf looks lovely.) I hope Dave feels better today.

  2. See at Belstead. The other workshop sounds excellent too, I will have to pop in during the breaks to see their work