Saturday, 10 July 2010

Did you miss me?

Since my last post I've been on a much needed weeks holiday in Lanzarote. I can't tell you a thing about the country, we spent almost the whole week laying by the pool. It was lovely laying the sun reading and dozing, I did get a bit of stitching done too. We visited a couple of restaurants though, so no cooking at all, watching Spain win the world cup semi final in a Spanish restaurant was fun too! The only adventure we had was on the first evening when Dave shut the kitchen door before he realised that all the keys and phones where inside and the door wouldn't open from the outside. All the other doors and windows were locked! Luckily the people in the villa next door were with the same travel company as us they phoned the emergency number, a man turned up and with the use of sign language he let us back in, through a window, it's a very long story and I don't want you falling asleep with boredom! Other than that an uneventful holiday.

We arrived home to a very dry garden, apart from our vegetables, our neighbours who are by no stretch of the imagination gardeners offered to put their hose over the fence every few days to water them. They were as good as their word and did. Even James and Becky popped in a couple of times and watered the veggie patch. It is strange having to ask other people to do this for us Mum would usually have done it. In fact the garden would have been blooming as she would have tended it every day, maybe I'll have to think about the Lanzarote sort of garden, Cactus and Bougainvillea if this weather keeps up!

Interesting use of cacti as security! I certainly wouldn't want to climb through those spikes.

This morning I had a wonderful surprise in the post, thank you so much Gina.

Rachel came today to deliver some boxes, she's going on holiday soon and when she gets back she's moving home again.


  1. Welcome home. I am glad that you are feeling refreshed after your holiday. When do we see what you have been stitching?

  2. Glad you managed your holiday in the end. Back to stitching now, that is if you have time with the new lodger! See you on Tuesday.

  3. Of course we missed you but glad you've managed to have such a relaxing break.