Monday, 19 July 2010

Wow What a Weekend

This weekend passed in a flash, Saturday morning was spent a Mum's sorting things out. The estate agent called in, she wants to get the house on the market, she's arranging a 'show case' on the 31st July. We took two car loads of stuff to the charity shop. I took a few bits home a bag full of machine threads,embroidery threads also a large box of dressmaking patterns. You might have guessed Mum was a seamstress, before she married Dad she was as a tailoress and for as long as I can remember she always worked in the 'Rag Trade'. I'm looking forward to going through the patterns, I have already spotted the pattern used to make one of my aunts wedding dress, so I'm hoping that my wedding dress pattern will be there too!

Yesterday we went to James and Becky's to give them a bit of help titivating (I think that's the word)their house, they are planning on moving. James has changed jobs so they want to relocate closer to London and an underground station. I managed to get paint everywhere, I did get a bit on the doors too. Foolishly I didn't think I'd be doing very much so had on good jeans and t shirt, thankfully the paint has come out! I even took some stitching to do while I watched the others working, will I never learn! After a lovely lunch sitting in the garden, which received some tlc the day before from Becky's mum and sister, it was back to the painting.

But the most exciting part of the weekend was I made my first sale on ebay. I sold our old garden table and chairs, I'm really pleased with the amount they went for, there were 91 people watching them and 14 bids were made, just need them to be collected now. I've started looking at all sorts of things wondering what I could get for it, Dave's worried he'll get home from work and find I've sold all the furniture. I could be hooked on this ebay thing!

As a blog isn't a blog without an image here's the doll that I think I mentioned in a previous blog. I think she's lovely, she's sitting on a chair in the living room, she's wearing a nightdress that I wore when I as a baby. There is a mark on the back of her neck 'Reliable made in Canada'


  1. I love the doll Miriam, whatever you do DON'T put her on ebay!
    I've got a similar doll called Annabel, I believe she was made by Chad Valley. Unfortunately her arms have come unattached and so she does need some tlc, as does my Teddy Bear. If you come across a place that does doll/bear restoration perhaps we can take our babies along together!

  2. Good idea, doll hospital then lunch? Always lunch! Oh no forgot I'm on a healthy eating plan......

  3. Think there is a dolls hospital in the oy museum near Mountfitchit near Bishop Stortford.

  4. I can feel a day out in the making, all you need is a doll and you can come.