Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Whats been going on since my last post? Quite a lot, several lunches out with lovely friends, a weekend away in Devon to visit RHS Rosemoor gardens see pictures.

Speeding past Stonehenge on the way to Devon

Rosemoor Garden

Really could have done with a sit down but not on this bench!

The Hot Garden
A very friendly Robin.

The two photographs below are of a knitting project Above and Below The Waves, it was a pleasant surprise to find this exhibition at Rosemoor, for more information on this see this article, or google knitted gingerbread house. This project is the 3rd one that the group have done the first was a massive Christmas tree

Crawling past Stonehenge on the way home!

Oh yes Rachel has moved home! As James said when he phoned me on my mobile the day after she moved in 'can I speak to the lady of the house'. Actually we have been getting on very well, and once we get the boxes out of the living room it will be even better. We have had to rent a storage unit as we couldn't fit everything in!

Mum's house has gone on the market and we have had a few very stupid offers, we aren't in a particular rush to sell. I'm sure the estate agent who is supposed to be working for us ISN'T, she probably just wants a quick sale to get her commission so she can spend it on another fake tan!

One thing that has kept me occupied is making phone calls to a call center to try and get through to LESS THAN oops sorry MORE THAN, one minute they are sending letters to Mum's executor then sending letters to Mum.
The story goes like this two days after Mum died my brother opened a letter saying her car insurance was expiring he phoned to explain, they couldn't speak to him they wanted to speak to her???? Three times he told them she had died. I stopped all payments to them from the bank, as with a direct debit the payments are automatically raised. Two weeks ago I opened a letter to the executors so they had taken on board the information, but it said that we had phoned on a day we hadn't. Then another letter arrived addressed to Mum telling her it was an offense to drive without insurance, I made a phone call to a lady who said that although they new she was deceased they thought that maybe someone else maybe using her car? They are the new registered owner!!!!! She said she was very sympathetic and would look into it. I must admit at this point I did loose it 'I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO, JUST DON'T SEND ANY MORE BL**DY LETTERS' .
You've guessed it, yesterday another letter addressed to Mum URRRRGH! I phoned again.
' Can I help?'
I went through all the story to a gentleman after asking first "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING' he did. Again he was sympathetic, not what I need, he explained that the letters are sent out automatically!!! I sort of realised that. I then very patiently explained that I feel I am being harassed and that if these letters do not stop I'm going to take the matter further, I said that I do understand it's not his fault it's the system, 'IT DOES NOT WORK' He assures me that the letters will stop, I wont hold my breathe. Thankfully we don't have any insurances with LESS THAN. The sad thing is I don't think this problem is particular to us or just to this company, if it was we wouldn't have programmes on TV made about similar situations.
End of rant.


  1. I think that is diabolical ,to keep sending these letters to your family when you are so recently bereaved ,does no one have anysense of decency anymore ,Iwould threaten them with Dominic from the one show or watchdog ,they love situations like this ,Ihope you enjoyed the drive by Stonehenge ,we go by there on the way to see my son in Gillingham Dorset (I laughed at the fake tan bit lol ) Jan xx

  2. Go Miriam go!
    Call Centres, Banks, Building Societies who think they are Banks, the NHS with their "Let me make you an appointment easily method" - [Doesn't work, found that one out today!]
    All a load of rubbish.
    You want to rant?
    Never do it alone. I'm always on hand for a good rant as long as I get a decent cup of coffee to go with it.

  3. I had the same problem when I lost my son. I even had one last Christmas, EIGHT years after he died!!! You can imagine my phone call.

  4. I can't believe the fiasco you are having with the insurance company! Pleased at least that you had good trip to Devon.