Sunday, 9 January 2011

All In The Name Of Research!

We'd a visit to Kew Gardens planned for today, after visiting James and Becky yesterday and telling them that we were going on a 'research' trip to get some inspiration for the Material Girls next exhibition. James suggested Limehouse Basin and the locks at the start of  Regents Canal. In December James and some friends walked from there to Little Venice, something we'll  do when the weather improves. Instead of the journey across to West London we stayed on the East side and took a walk along the 'Thames River Walk'  between Limehouse  and Shadwell Basin's (then back again) not a long walk in length but in time..... After stopping  to take photo's it took a few hours, I managed to take over 100 images, lots of inspiration. Dave is very patient, although he  said he cant always understand why I photograph certain things.

Dave being very patient

Obviously  we see things differently,  maybe it's just me, after a few days away with my brother and sister in law,  they said they thought I was strange taking photos of doors, grids and manhole covers.........

Lock between Thames and Limehouse Basin

Dave's always happy as long as there's a good pub or restaurant this time we went to The Narrow, this is a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, I must say the food was better than his TV programmes, which I avoid!

After lunch we walked round Limehouse Basin and the lock on the Regents Canal, then back to the car and home.
Sometimes I think I would like to live further away from London than I do, but I'm a townie at heart. To live in one of the apartments overlooking  the Thames would be my idea of heaven, at least for a few years. But I'll have to make do with living a 20 minute car journey away from the Docklands.

River Thames looking toward Canary Wharf

Creatively I've not been idle this week,  I've been working on a project which is now finished and just has to be delivered, I cant say any more about it at the moment. I'll just tease you with this........


  1. Hi Miriam,
    I love looking at photos bof London, especially as I lived there for nearly twenty years!

    Now, grids etc....isn't it the patterns and shapes they make that are so interesting?

    Many thanks for supporting my blog, and wishing you a happy year ahead.

    Diana x

  2. You are so lucky to have Dave support you. I need to visit my three ideas soon so that I can start my 2D project.

  3. Like mother like son with the photography then?
    You have so many talents!.