Friday, 28 January 2011

I was right it has been a busy week

Monday I had  lunch with three good friends, Diane, Sheila and Jacqueline who is also my cousin. We met at the Tiptree Jam Factory for a lovely lunch and of course lots of chat and lots of laughter. Of course I had to buy a few treats, lemon curd and gooseberry chutney for me and strawberry jam for Dave. Well you have to don't you? Then it was on to the Cheap Shop, an Aladdin's cave for those of us with a weakness for fabrics  and yarns. Another treat for me some wool to knit myself some fingerless gloves and some baby wool (more on that later). Actually it turned into more than lunch, I went to Jacqueline's for a coffee and didn't get home until just before Dave, so I suppose it was more like a whole day out! Tuesday was a colour and cut for my mop of hair, do I feel like a new woman? No just a woman with very short hair! Wednesday and it was Lady Bugs in the morning. Thursday I delivered a piece of work to Caroline, it's being included in her groups exhibit at Jersey's Textile In Focus. The Material Girls are exhibiting there too, very exciting!

Liberation of the Heart

Today has been a quiet day just the gym and shopping.

I feel a lot better about things this week, maybe my feeling down is due to the weather? It seems to have brightened up and so has my mood! Talking about how I feel with friends has helped and it's amazing how many other people feel the same.......

I've lots of project's to keep me focused and the list is getting longer. There is the ERTF exhibition later this year, The Material Girls exhibition in 2012. And two other projects that have come my way, one of my cousins, my gym partner is going to become a Nan in July, so I'm going to knit a few things, so the baby wool, and I'll make a quilt too. Becky's sister is also having a baby in July so a baby quilt for her too and maybe a knitted something if there is time. I also promised to make Rachel a lap quilt, she snuggled under mine over Christmas. I've got it together and now I'm starting the hand quilting. I'm pleased with this quilt, it is truly a scrap quilt.

I have bought nothing to make it, the batting was the only problem, I  joined three bits together, the top was made from bits and pieces from my stash or leftover blocks from other quilts I've made. When Rachel finally gets it she'll see fabrics from other quilts I've made for her and the rest of the family over the years, there is even fabric in it from the first quilt I made. Who says hoarding doesn't pay? I have lots of bits left to make several more, I just need the time......


  1. Busy busy as usual ,and are going to be for the foreseeable future ,I love the scrap quilt ,I enjoyed hearing about your day out Jan xx

  2. Hoarding has certainly paid off here, the quilt is a wonderful scrappy and will always bring back memories when you see old familiar pieces of fabric. I like quilts which are true to the original principle of 'throwing nothing away' which is useful. A pat on the back is deserved......Lyn

  3. Our lunch was very enjoyable, it's good to catch up and natter.
    I love the scrap quilt too. Perhaps that's something I could do to use up some of my odd balls of wool. A future project!

  4. Such a lovely lunch and really enjoyed all the chatting and laughter. Still feel like I need a visit to the Cheap Shop, as due to time I didn't really explore all the fabric. Love the quilt, it looks even better in the flesh. It has inspired me to get out some old work & scrappy books to see what I can do, without spending any more money!

  5. That's a very pretty quilt. I spent Thursday afternoon in the Cheap Shop - what a wonderful place that is!