Sunday, 23 January 2011

January Blues?

I just cant believe it's been so long since my last post, 14 days! What have I been doing?  Nothing very dynamic sadly. Last Sunday I went on a mini bus trip with a patchwork group I belong to, it was a textile sale and exhibition. The place was crowded beyond belief, a health and safety hazard, I'm sure!  I ended up coming home with some fabrics after elbowing my way through the crowds, but didn't get anything that I had really gone for!!!! I wont bother to go again, I'd rather pay full price and shop in comfort. I didn't even like the exhibition, (maybe it's me, I think I'm a bit down at the moment). When I went to the group this week the others were saying how inspired they felt by what they has seen, I got home from the exhibition feeling like I'd wasted a whole Sunday! Are you feeling as though you want to click off this blog now?

Suzanne Jarvis - Lace Maker
Friday evening was the ERTF Owen Jones exhibition private view and I'd been asked by the chairman to go along and do the 'meeting and greeting'. I was worried about it, (see above) I hope I covered how I'm feeling no one seemed to notice, and Beverley the other meet and greeter did a fantastic job.  The visitors and guests really gave the exhibition a great response, the work is so diverse, I loved it. The venue is brilliant, it's the first time I've been to Chelmsford museum, well worth a visit. Speaking to a friend of the museum he said there is a Grayson Perry vase in one of the galleries,  it's definitely a place I'm going to revisit! For more information click on the link in the side bar for the Owen Jones Project blog.

Today after a visit to the father in law, we  went to a quilting shop so I could buy the fabric I didn't get last weekend. When we got home I put some of the fabric in the washing machine to rinse and we settled down with a well deserved cup of coffee and the newspapers, time to relax. Lovely and quiet, then a strange noise started to come from the downstairs cloakroom, water was flooding the floor from the loo. Smelly nasty dirty water, yep! A blocked drain. Dave looked outside and water was leaking out of the drain cover onto the drive. YUK!!! Unfortunately our drain is shared with our next door neighbours and  the insurance we pay doesn't cover the work, it was on their side and they don't have cover. Expensive but at least the plummer came quickly, and now we can flush.

I've a really busy week coming up, so no time to feel sorry for myself next week.


  1. Thank god you were at home!
    Glad you enjoyed your evening on Friday.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It's so dark and dreary at the moment. Yuck, yuck,yuck. Roll on Spring and the sunshine.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Miriam.

  4. Loved the exhibition and would love to go back to the museum. I grew up near the museum have have been their many, many times, but I haven't been there since the extension was built. If you fancy some company and maybe a lunch, just give me a call. Shame about the shopping!!!!

  5. Sorry you are not feeling very chirpy. Maybe when the days start to get longer and brighter, you will start to feel yourself.