Sunday, 20 May 2012

A lot of Firsts

Last week we were on holiday, it was Betsy's first time away, in fact there were a lot of firsts. The first time she'd been into a pub, the first time she'd spent so long in the car and the first time she'd seen the sea. Everything was a great success apart from the sea, she wasn't at all impressed, mind you even though other dogs were going in for a swim I wouldn't have gone in either far to cold! We stayed in a cottage in Edingthorpe Green, Norfolk, the cottage was a  stable conversion attached to the owners cottage a former Forge, it  was beautiful. There were lovely walks through dedicated 'Quiet Lanes' not something we had ever come across before. There was a foot path to the coast, something we would have probably used if the weather had been a little better as it was a couple of miles. Instead we had a few lovely walks through Bacton Woods and visited a few other places that were dog friendly, I have to say we were really surprised how easy it was to find places that welcomed Betsy. She didn't let us down at all, we even sat in a pub restaurant and everyone said  how well behaved she was.  The only problem we had and it wasn't really a problem at all , the owners of the cottage have two elderly Jack Russell's and every time they left their cottage to go for a walk they barked, as dogs do Betsy needed to bark back! Our biggest problem was Betsy was woken up every morning at either 4.30 or 5.00 AM and I mean every morning, the sun shone straight through the skylight in room where she slept, after the first morning we brought her bed into our room once she was awake, she went back to sleep until 8. Thankfully now she's home she's back into her routine of waking up at 6, we've not started letting her into our room although I must say I'm tempted but Dave isn't, he thinks its the thin end of the wedge and once we start she'll be sleeping on the bed! Anyway that's enough of our week away apart from a few images......

North Sea a bit rough!

Norfolk is feeling yellow!

Holkham Beach 'You get your feet wet if you want to I'm not getting any closer'

All this walking and fresh air is very tiring!

Sandringham ' Is that a corgi heading my way?'

Crab salad

A very quick walk through a field of cattle at Blickling

Robin shares our afternoon coffee and cake at Blickling

View from window at cottage

Another view from cottage window into the garden

This week will be taken up with a few family things and baking cakes for next weekend.... yes it's 'The Material Girls - Textiles on the Hill'. A lot of hard work has been put into the event so I hope to see you there!


  1. Lovely pictures - I was brought up in that part of the world so they've brought back lots of memories!

  2. Great photos. It's a very exciting time for pups isn't it. Our Ellie is a 6am girl too. Hope the show goes well.

  3. This brought back memories of my dog when I was a teenager (a long time ago)who hated water. I would carry him into the sea and he would immediately turn for the shore and you could not catch him again that day. All the best for your exhibition, the 26th is our Guild day but might make it on the 27th.

  4. What lovely photos! I'm glad you had a nice time.
    I wonder, is a dog barking more variable than the constant question "are we there yet?"
    I hope the exhibition is a great success. Good luck ladies!

  5. Oh you were so near. We could have had a dog and blog meet! Sorry Norfolk couldn't do better weather for you. Maybe next time. Dogs on the bed? Never! Only every night - ha ha!

  6. I also love Norfolk,especilly the area you were in,thanks for the intersting post. Good luck with your exhibition.