Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nothing Wasted

I wrote this over a week ago, for some reason I couldn't get the images to load properly and gave up, then I've been on holiday so better late than never!!!
As I said there is now a page for images of my Quilts, not all are there as I cant believe I have given some as presents and didn't take photographs! I will have to get images of them and get them posted, some of the dates are approx as I didn't put dates on them in the beginning, why? I will also get a page up at some point of Art Quilts!

A while ago I posted about a felted bag that went terribly wrong here , this is what I did with the mishap, nothing wasted! Brooches I have used the embellishing machine, and stitched them, I think they have turned out OK.

I spent some of Saturday getting them ready for the Material Girls event Textiles on the Hill (see side bar).  I've found the images of the bag that did turn out OK. A before and after shrinking image, Betsy seemed impressed, not sure if it was the bag or the fruit that was most intriguing!


  1. The quilts page looks great! I've had a photos page made up for months but it doesn't show how I would like it. Perhaps I'd better try harder! Love the brooches too.

  2. Love the brooches, they've turned out really well. I like the challenge of making something good out of a disaster too!

  3. I'm impressed! What did you use to sto the front and back felting to itself?

  4. Pretty brooches, it just shows not to throw anything away, just leave it for a while and inspiration comes!