Monday, 28 May 2012

Textiles On The Hill

There is a post on The Material Girls blog all about  the weekends event and my images are over there, so please pop over for a look, but don't forget to come back, I'd miss you! Apart from being busy I did manage to buy a few things as usual from that temptress Denise from Craft Arena, and who could resist buying a couple of Helen Wilson's prints from The Material Girls Shop. And then to top it all I just had to buy Lynda Monks book and some of her foils, a weekend of bliss spent with lovely people and it was so nice to meet up with old friends ( I don't mean old, I mean friends I've known for a long time, they could be reading this!) and family especially the young ones..... I managed to get a cuddle while her Mum, Dad, Nan, Auntie and Uncle looked at the exhibits.  There was time to speak to a lot of new people some who said they read my blog so hello there, hope you enjoyed the day.

Ella with her Uncle James

Two Prints by Helen Wilson

Lots of Inspiration in Lynda's book!
Today has been a chill out day, a visit to the shops a bit of ironing, writing the blogs. Also I find it hard to believe that today is the second anniversary of my Mum's death, sometimes it feels as though it was yesterday and sometimes it feels as though she's been gone for ever, especially when something happens that I would love to have told her. For instance she would have been there this weekend and enjoyed it all and I know she would have helped in the kitchen making tea.  Then last week my daughter got a new job, the job she should have tried for when she graduated from university. Mum would have loved it all!

I should say thanks for all you good luck posts and those of you that were working or also exhibiting at the weekend I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!


  1. Time certainly does fly. I know my mum said that, not being able to call up and tell her mum about a new piece of news was difficult. But I'm sure she is still around and knows all about Becky's great news. You must be so pleased for her. X

  2. Now that we're of an age where we have our own sons, daughters and grandchildren, I sometimes wish we could step back a bit for just a while.
    When we were children we had such fun, family get togethers, picnics at the beach. At that moment in time I thought that was it, that was our lives, all those people would be with us for ever.
    In reality they still are. Memories are just the best luxury we can have!

  3. Interesting post, thankyou. I hope the exhibition goes well. My Mum died in 1973, I wish she'd known my children; here am I a Granny and I know she would have loved my 2 children.